About Us

We are DGS Rehab.

DGS Stroke Rehabilitation centre is one of the leading rehabilitation provider for post-stroke paralysis (hemiplegia), Traumatic Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury (Paraplegia & Quadriplegia) Muscular Dystrophy, GBS, Total knee or hip replacement surgery, Post-Surgical Fracture, Cerebral Palsy, Geriatric Balance Problems, pain management, and other Ortho, Neuro & Paediatric conditions. At DGS Stroke Rehab, we act as the bridge between the hospital and the home, delivering out-of-hospital care that enables the patients to achieve highest quality of life by providing skilled Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech & Swallowing Therapy , Counselling and Diet Programmes.

At DGS Stroke Rehab, Our aim is to restore highest level of independent functioning through an advanced care system & tailor-make the solution to suit your problems. We are not only helping you to restore the necessary skills needed for your new life, but also offer you personalized occupational and physical training to return to your workplace as you were before.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar, MPT.,PGDHM

Neuro Physiotherapist

Our mission is to provide advanced post-acute care and rehabilitation services with a human touch which will help patients improve their health and the quality of life.